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MIRKO DJ - Lunedì 27 Aprile 2009

Doves - Winter hill

Super Furry Animals - Moped eyes

Oasis - Cast no shadow

Kasabian - Fire

Planet Funk - The switch

Motel Connection - Lost

Depeche Mode - In sympathy

Visage - Fade to grey

The Gossip - Heavy cross

Beck - Loser

The Thermals - Now we can see

The Dead Weather - Hang you from the heavens?

Mi Ami - The man in your house

Voxtrot - Trepanation party

The Mary Onettes  - Dare

The Big Pink - Velvet

Interpol - Stella was a diver and she was always down

Placebo - For what it’s worth

Golden Silvers - True romance (true no.9 blues)

Passion Pit - The reeling

Junior Boys - Bits and pieces

Blur - End of a century

Jarvis Cocker - Further complications

Morrissey - I’m throwing my arms around Paris

Maximo Park - The kids are sick again

Spector - There she goes

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