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Radioclash! Lunedì 28 dicembre 2020 - Extra-clash! - En Vivo

Sufjan Stevens - Christmas In The Room

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs - All I Want for Christmas

Tracey Thorn - Snow in Sun

Belle and Sebastian - O Come, O Come Emmanuel

The Vaselines - Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam

Morphine - Sexy Christmas Baby Mine

Eels - Everything’s Gonna Be Cool This Christmas

Bad Religion - White Christmas

The Kinks - Father Christmas

LCD Soundsystem - Oh You (Christmas Blues)

The House of Love - Who By Fire

Ian McCulloch - Hey That’s No Way To Say Goodbye

Simple Minds - Up On The Catwalk

Tom Sanders - Lonesome High

Peter Murphy - Blue Heart

Guy Garvey - Open The Door

A.C. Newman - On the Table

George Harrison - What Is Life

Lou Reed - She’s My Best Friend

Julian Plenti - Only If You Run

Dave Gahan - Bitter Apple

David Sylvian - Pulling Punches

Brian Eno & David Byrne - The Jezebel Spirit

Morrissey - Late Night, Maudlin Street

Will Butler - What I Want

Marc Almond - The Boy Who Came Back

John Foxx - Touch and Go

Brett Anderson - Song for My Father

Nicolas Godin - Glenn

The Smiths - Nowhere Fast

IDLES - Danke

Fontaines D.C. - I Was Not Born

bdrmm  - Is That What You Wanted to Hear

Public Practice - Each Other

R.E.M. - Strange Currencies

Arcade Fire - Ocean Of Noise

The Divine Comedy - Someone

Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever - Sunglasses At The Wedding


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