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12:00-13:00 Ladies and gentlemen (R)
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Radioclash! Lunedì 2 Marzo 2020 - Bonus Clash

The Boomtown Rats - I Don’t Like Monday

Lou Reed - Billy

John Myrtle - Cyril the Slung

Greg Dulli - Marry Me

Pj Harvey - Dear Darkness

Soap&Skin - Fall Foliage

Purr - Refuse

David Bowie - Lady Grinning Soul

Villagers - The Soul Serene

Military Genius - L.M.G.D.

Simple Minds - Waterfront

Tindersticks - The Waiting Room

Franz Ferdinand - Lazy Boy

King Krule - Cellular

Pictish Trail - Double Sided

The Gonks - My Glamorous Mother

The Wave Pictures - I Could Hear The Telephone

Program - Memory

Prozac + - Betty Tossica

Codeine Velvet Club - I Am the Resurrection

Kaiser Chiefs -  Everyday I Love You Less And Less

Anna Calvi  - Don’t Beat the Girl Out of My Boy

Handshake - Dear Shelter

The Raconteurs - Sunday Drivers

The Dream Syndicate - The Days of Wine and Roses

The Police - When the world is Running Down

L.A. Salami - Terrorism (the Isis crisis)

The The - This is the Day

Marc Almond - Where the Heart is

Austra - The Beast

Humans Etcetera - For the Sake of Truth


REM - All the Right Friends

Patti Smiths - Redondo Beach

Drangsal - Do The Dominance

Boy Harsher - The Look You Gave (Jerry)

The Soft Moon - Burn

Tune-Yards - Now as Then


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