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Radioclash! Venerdì 12 Luglio 2019 - Ultima puntata

The Clash - Julie’s in the Drug Squad

Torche - Times Missing

Purple Mountains - All My Happiness is Gone

Tycho - Easy

Imperial Teen - We Do What We Do Best

Girl Friend - Material - Okay Okay

Bleached - Rebound City

Africa Express - Become The Tiger feat. di Sibot, Mr Jukes e Damon Albarn

Rome - Uropia o Morte

The Soft Calvary - Bulletproof

La Roux - Bulletproof

Yeasayer - I’ll Kiss You Tonight

Chris Staples - Holy Moly

Titus Andronicus - Tumult around the World

Iggy Pop - The Balladof Cookie Mcbride

Piotta - 7 Vizi Capitale (13.7.2019 live al Fiorachella 2019)

Anthony and the Johnsons - You are my Sister

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Where The Wild Rose Grow feat Kylie Minogue

The Dream Syndicate - Put Some Miles On

Morphine - Sharks

The Gun Club - Carry Home

Fugazi - Waiting Room

Parquets Courts - Berlin Got Blurry

The Goon Sax - Sometimes Accidentally

Pixies - On Graveyard Hill

Bob Mould - Send Me a Postcard

Lloyd Cole - Night Sweats


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