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Albion radio, 30 Novembre 2013

“Fuckin’ in the bushes” by Oasis (intro)

“Schack up” by A Certain Ratio

“Faling and laughing” by Orange Juice

“Barbarism begins at home” by The Smiths

“Age of consent” by New Order

“So slow” by Sophia

“Merched yn neud gwalt eu gilydd (girls doimg each other’s mar” by gorky’s zigotic mynci

“straberry wine” by my bloody valentine

“This is why you love me “by Brian Jonestone Massacre

“promised land” by the Style Council

“Skunk Funk” by Galliano

“Free your mind” by Cut Copy

“Higher than the sun “by Primal Scream

“Fools gold” by Stone Roses

“Love blind” by Secret Shine

“What’s happiness” by Another Sunny Day

“Sleep the clock around” by Belle And Sebastian

“It’s the sun “by The Plyphonic Spree

“You’re in a bad way” by Saint Etienne

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