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Albion radio, 29 Giugno 2013

“Fuckin’ in the bushes” by Oasis (intro)

“Haunted by you” by Gene

“Twisterella” by Ride

“Happiness is mine” by Revelino

“This is music” by The Verve

“Sleep on the left side” by Cornershop

“Lope song” bby Eddie Russ

“No secret affair” by Style X

“Funky jam” by Primal Scream

“Return the gift” by Gang Of Four

“Knuclehead” by The Sound Stylistic

“Peaches” by The Stranglers

“Chosen time” by New Order

“Big” by Nwe Fads

“Alright” by Urban Soul

“An instrumental need” by Ralphi Rosario

“Only love can break your heart” by Saint Etienne

“Colours to life” by Temples

“Jeepster” by T Rex

“Vicar in a tutu” by The Smiths

“Trouble town” by Jake Bugg

“Pass it on” by The Coral

“The cave” by Mumford & Sons

“This time tomorrow” by The Kinks

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