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Albion radio, 29 Ottobre 2011

“The swamp song” by Oasis (intro)

“Good enough” by Dodgy

“Disco 2000″ by Pulp

“Space and time” by Verve

“So young” by Suede

“I’ll manage somehow” by Menswear

“Motorbike to heaven” by Salad

“Bluetonic” by Bluetones

“Showgirl” by The Auteurs

“Great things” by Echobelly

“Everybody’s on the run” by Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds (disco della settimana)

“Piledriver waltz” by Alex Turner

“When the sun goes down” by Arctic Monkeys (selezione musicale di Greta)

“In the morning” by The Coral (selezione musicale di Greta)

“Candyfloss” by Jonny

“Can’t stand me now” by Libertines (selezione musicale di Greta)

“Local boy” by The Rifles

“The kids are sick again” by Maximo Park (selezione musicale di Greta)

“Why not nothing” by Richard Ashcroft (selezione musicale di Greta)

“The bartender and the thief” by Stereophonics (selezione musicale di Greta)

“Cheat on me” by The Cribs

“Alright” by Supergrass (selezione musicale di Greta)

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