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Albion radio, 24 Settembre 2011

“The swamp song” by Oasis (intro)

“Not so manic now” by Dubstar

“Step into my world” by Hurricane #1

“13th discipline” by Five Thirty

“There’s no other way” by Blur

“I will believe” by Oasis

“Going fo gold” by Shed Seven (richiesta Alberto)

“Tell it like it is” by Cast

“There she goes (BBC session)” by The La’s

“Money” by Drums (disco della settimana)

“Till the end of the day” by The Kinks

“My white bicycle” by Tomorrow

“On a Saturday” by Keith West

“See Emily play” by Pink Floyd

“Octopus” by Syd Barrett

“Makin time” by The Creation

“Teenage kicks” by The Undertones

“What do I get?” by BUzzcocks

“Psycho killer” by Ukulele Orechestra Of Great Britain

“Miracle worker” by Superheavy

“Never miss a beat” by Kaiser Chiefs

“Groovy train” by The Farm

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