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Albion radio, 26 Marzo 2011

“The swamp song” by Oasis

“Love will tear us apart” by Joy Division (dedicata a Stefano Nocetti)

“It’s on” by Flowered Up

“Haunted by you” by Gene

“Where did our love go?” by Kasabian

“What took you so long?” by The Courteeners

“We are us” by Twisted Wheel

“Generetor” by The Holloways

“Movin’ on up” by Primal Scream (richiesta Silvia)

“If you wanna” by The Vaccines (richiesta Gianluca)

“You’re so right” by The Strokes (disco della settimana)

“Lazy poker blues” by Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac

“For your love” by The Yardbirds

“Crossroads” by Eric Clapton’s Powerhouse

“Mighty quinn” by Manfred Mann

“Baby lemonade” by Syd Barrett

“Istant karma” by John Lennon

“Painter man” by The Creation

“Jimmy” by Purple Hearts

“Here is my number” by Makin’ Time

“Oliver’s army” by Elvis Costello

“If the kids are united” by Sham 69

“Jump into the fog” by The Wombats

“Bigger than us” by White Lies

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