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Albion radio, 26 Febbraio 2011

“The swamp song” by Oasis

“Love is the law” by The Seahorses

“The day we caught the train” by Ocean Colour Scene

“Why not nothing” by Richard Ashcroft

“All sparks” by Editors

“She said she said” by Beatles

“Substitute” by The Who

“You’re on my mind” by The Birds

“No milk today” by Herman’s Hermits

“Mellow yellow” by Donovan

“Speak like a child” by The Style Council (richiesta Silvia)

“Absolute beginners” by The Jam

“Are friends electric?” by Tubeway Army

“Cars” by Gary Numan

“Ceremony” by New Order

“Let England shake” by PJ Harvey (disco della settimana)

“Sometimes always” by Jesus and Mary Chain

“Singlegirl” by Lush

“Going nowhere” by Oasis (richiesta Biso)

“Maybe tomorrow” by The Chords (richiesta Alberto)

“Come closer” by Miles Kane

“You have killed me” by Morrissey

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