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Archivio per Novembre, 2017

Radioclash! Venerdì 24 Novembre 2017(0 commenti)

The Clash - Know Your Rights

Bjork - Blissing Me

Spinning Coin - Sides

Leonard Cohen - Chelsea Hotel#2

Nick Cave &  The Bad Seeds  - The Ship Song

Lost Horizons - Winter’s Approaching

Aldous Harding - Horizon

Big Thief - Mythological Beauty

Colter Wall - You Look to Yours

Mavis Staples - Ain’t No Doubt About it /feat Jeff Tweedy

Jane Weaver - Slow Motion

Steward Coppeland - Don’t Box Me In

The Psychedelic Furs - The Gost in You

Daniele Luppi & Parquet Courts - Talisa/feat Karen O

Sleaford Mods - In Quiet Streets

Danger Mouse - Chase Me / Feat.  Run the Jewels

Minimal Compact - Babylonian Tower

Depeche Mode - Get the Balance Right

Turin Brakes - Would You Be Mine


Albion radio, 23 Novembre 2017(0 commenti)

Oasis - Fuckin’ in the bushes (intro)

Led Zeppelin - Good times, bad times

Ron Gallo - Young lady, you’re scary me

Little Barrie - You won’t stop us

Beck, Bogert & Appice - Lady

Jeff Beck - Spanish boots

The Zutons - Why won’t you give me your love?

The Seahorses - I want you to know

The Bluetones - Cut some rug

Johnny Marr - Dynamo

The Cribs - We share the same sky

The Blue Aeroplanes - Jacket hangs

Kurt Vile & Courtney Barnett - Our everything

Belle and Sebastian - I’ll be your pilot

Jack Cooper - Gynn square

Club 8 - Love in December

Saint Etienne - Something new

The Field Mice - Emma’s house

Teenage Fanclub - The darkest part of the night

Veronica Falls - Found love in graveyard

Alvvays - Not my baby

Star Tropics - Windfall

Real Estate - Two arrows

The Music You Need: Sabato 18 Novembre 2017(0 commenti)

Peter Blegvad - Meet The rain

Silver Apple - Lovefingers

Death in June - To Drown A Rose

KUKL - Dismembered

Black Grape - England’s Irie feat. Joe Strummer

Tanya Donelly - Pretty Deep

The Bevis Frond - Waving

The Blue Aeroplanes - Jacket Hangs

Rodney Allen - Happy Sad


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